The Best-Ever SVC Hoops Bracket
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The Best-Ever SVC Hoops Team: Sweet 16

We introduce the Sweet 16 of our Best-Ever SVC Hoops Team Bracket. Vote for your winners here.

John Bruce, Contributor

If you are trying to determine the greatest team to ever play in the Scioto Valley Conference, how would you do it? Would you use recency bias? Would you know that a certain number of years were better than others? 

Whatever way you decide to make your picks on these brackets, one thing that I ask of you is this: use the facts and information provided to you in the coming article and whatever experience you have with these teams to make the best choice.

We have trimmed our field of 64 teams to the Sweet 16.

From here on out, we will be combining all of the regions into one article for the remainder of the tournament.


Larry Jordan Regional

No. 1 Southeastern ‘89-90 (24-2) vs No. 13 Piketon ‘03-04 (19-4)

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No. 2 Bishop Flaget ‘82-83 (23-1) vs. No. 6 Southeastern ‘84-85 (23-2)

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Dale Haynes Regional

No. 1 Unioto ‘14-15 (26-1) vs. No. 4 Zane Trace ‘18-19 (21-5)

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No. 2 Southeastern ‘76-77 (23-2) vs. No. 3 Piketon ‘91-92 (20-4) 

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Ron Shoemaker Regional

No. 1 Unioto ‘90-91 (23-4) vs. No. 12 Westfall ‘99-00 (18-5)

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No. 2 Southeastern ‘80-81 (23-4) vs. No. 11 Unioto ‘13-14 (20-4)

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Jeff Reisinger Regional

No. 1 Piketon ‘08-09 (24-3) vs. No. 5 Unioto ‘15-16 (23-2)

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No. 3 Southeastern ‘01-02 (22-2) vs. No. 7 Southeastern ‘97-98 (20-4)

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