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Derrick Webb

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Q&A: Minford’s Adam Crank discusses returning talent, senior year expectations

The senior has high expectations after a district championship season.

Derrick Webb, Staff Writer

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MINFORD — It’s not hard to see that Adam Crank has the intangibles. 

Minford’s Adam Crank is planning for a successful senior year.

He’s a true leader that provides a needed calm during the most fierce storms and is always ready to perform in big-time moments. Minford’s senior captain has proven those statements to be true time and time again, no matter what sport he’s playing.

As he turns his attention towards the soccer pitch, he’s focused on leading the defending district champion Falcons back to glory.

Last fall, Minford was 18-2 overall and went undefeated in the Southern Ohio Conference. The district crown was the program’s first since 2011. Crank is determined to repeat that success.

Before the season starts, we caught up with Crank to ask him about a cast of returning talent, head coach Jacob Hackworth’s influence on the team, his senior year expectations and more.

Question: If you could choose one moment last season to relive, what would it be and why?

Crank: Holding the district trophy with my teammates after winning the district title. That was the main goal I had set prior to the season and to be able to fulfill that goal felt amazing.

Q: I’m not sure that a lot of people saw last year’s postseason run, or regular season resume, coming from Minford. Did you guys talk about that as a team? Being underrated?

AC: During the preseason, we, as a group, knew that the team we had could be special. We knew we could achieve a lot. We set certain goals before the season started and reached almost all of them.

Q: What lessons can this year’s team learn from last year’s group?

AC: With a lot of returning players, I wouldn’t necessarily say learn but more so focus on keeping a strong work ethic and team chemistry. 

Q: As you said, there’s a ton of returning talent this fall. How exciting is that? What’s your favorite part about this year’s roster?

AC: Excited is an understatement. Being able to play with the roster we have is awesome. We have so many talented players from each grade level. Starters and non-starters. Everyone is very skilled and ready to work.

Q: This is your last go-around. Has that hit you yet? Does that put a different meaning and importance on every single game?

AC: Yeah, I’d have to say it does put a little more meaning into each game. Everyone has always said you’ll understand when you’re a senior and they were right. That feeling of ‘this could be your last game’ puts a little more fire under you for each game. 

Q: I love to watch coach [Jacob] Hackworth do what he does. It seems you guys love to play for him. What does he mean to you as a group?

AC: Being someone who’s played multiple sports my whole life, I’ve been able to play on some great teams coached by even better coaches. Hack sits up top with the best of the best. He’s the coach who puts maximum effort and time into each player on and off the field and is always there if you need him. We wouldn’t have been near the team we were last year without him. 

Q: What are your overall expectations this year?

AC: Overall, our expectations are high. We know we’re going to get everyone’s best. But that’s how it’s been for me as a player every year. Everyone is used to it by now and knows what to expect. The younger guys are already fitting into their role perfectly. With the way we are working right now, we will be able to achieve anything. This team wants it.


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