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Q&A: Unioto’s Tayvion Galloway discusses keys to success, playing with Isaac Little, for Matt Hoops

Unioto's Tayvion Galloway discusses team chemistry, career goals and the keys to success in this week's Q&A.

Derrick Webb, Staff Writer

CHILLICOTHE — If we named everything Tayvion Galloway was capable of doing on a basketball court, this would be the longest article you’ve ever read.

Unioto’s Tayvion Galloway has helped the Shermans start 11-2 this season with a 9-0 mark in the Scioto Valley Conference.
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That’s a promise.

Unioto’s freshman forward, in one word, is special. And in big games, he’s shown that time and time again. He’s risen to the occasion on a nightly basis while aiding the Shermans to an 11-2 start, including a 9-0 mark in the Scioto Valley Conference.

Galloway is averaging 8.4 points, 5.5 rebounds, 1.1 assists and 1.9 blocks per night. You can expect those numbers to continue to rise.

We caught up with Galloway to discuss his career’s start, playing with and for Isaac Little and Matt Hoops, playing with passion and much more.

Question: You’re a freshman but play like a seasoned veteran at times. Can you tell me what it’s been like to adjust to the speed of the varsity game?

Galloway: To me, honestly adjusting to the speed of the varsity game wasn’t very hard. I’ve always felt I was ahead of my class and I believe I belong where I am. I just had to play comfortable and confident.

Q: So far, so good for you guys this season. What’s the key to keeping momentum and staying on top of the SVC?

TV: I believe that we should just continue the way we’re playing. We have to keep up our aggressive defense and be willing to sacrifice for one another every night.

Q: You play with such a passion. Some may like that, some may not. What it tells me is that you love the game and have the will to win. What drives that?

TV: The main reason I play the game of basketball is so it can open up more doors for me in my future. I believe I was challenged with a lot of adversity from a young age and I’ve always been taught to keep pushing no matter what. Anything, I believe, is possible, and I’ve been taught to make decisions for the future not the present. I believe sports can get me somewhere.

Q: You are the future whereas Isaac Little is the present at Unioto. And when you’re both playing well, the team is nearly unstoppable. What’s it like learning the game from Isaac and playing alongside him? 

TV: Playing alongside a dominant player like Isaac honestly just makes games that much easier, as long as I do my part and continue to improve and learn. I believe we can do more than what people expect from us. Isaac has a very strong character and is willing to sacrifice to win the game.

Q: I mentioned playing with a passion. Matt Hoops coaches with a passion. Can you tell me what it’s like playing for him?

TV: Coach Hoops and I are actually like a perfect fit. I have  nothing but respect and love for my coach. His passion for the game just makes us have a bigger connection beyond basketball and I know, at times, I can get a little too fired up. Coach Hoops having that same fire I have has taught, and is still teaching me, how to play with emotions but not play emotionally.

Q: You’ve mentioned reaching your goals. What are those goals, this year and throughout your career?

TV: My main goal is to always just win at the end of the day. That’s what matters most. This year, I’d just like to keep learning and gaining experience. I just want to keep learning the little things and stick to the fundamentals. But as far as my high school career goals go, I want to be able to win a state championship. To me, nothing beats that and I believe our program has the chance to make that happen, from our coaching staff to our incoming players.

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