The Best-Ever SVC Hoops Bracket
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John Bruce

What is the best SVC basketball team ever assembled?

John Bruce introduces the format and voting process to his best-ever SVC basketball team bracket.

John Bruce, Contributor

Here’s to announcing the tournament format to help determine the Greatest boys basketball team in SVC History!

This is a single-elimination, fan-voted tournament, featuring 64 of the greatest teams in the history of the Scioto Valley Conference.

There will be four brackets of 16 teams and, beginning May 4, we will be releasing an article every other day to break down each bracket and to make voting available as well.

The four brackets are named after basketball greats in Ross County history, and I’ve listed the dates those brackets will be released below.

  • Larry Jordan (Monday 5/4)
  • Dale Haynes (Wednesday (5/6)
  • Ron Shoemaker (Friday 5/8) 
  • Jeff Reisinger (Sunday 5/10) 

I also want to detail some of the reasons why some teams are listed and some are not.

  • League titles were looked at, but weren’t necessarily a requirement for a team to make the tournament field. Every team who has gone undefeated in league play is in the tournament, as well as every team that reached the regional level of the OHSAA tournament.
  • Teams who may have had a great regular season and limited tournament success were also considered. For example, the 1991-92 Huntington team which finished 17-4 overall just missed the field.
  • Teams MUST have competed in the Scioto Valley Conference for the season to be in consideration. The 1968-69 and 1969-70 Zane Trace teams competed in the Ross County League, but not in the SVC. The same goes for the ’63-64, ’65-66, ’66-67, and ’70-71 Southeastern teams. Those teams will all be featured in a later tournament to determine the best team in Southeast District history.

We, here at SOSA, are excited to get this tournament going to determine the GOAT of SVC basketball teams.

Make sure and stay tuned into our Facebook and Twitter feeds to catch the links to voting and, most importantly, remember to have fun looking back on the some of the best teams this area has ever offered.

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