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Holden, Evans, McCloskey top OPSWA all-Southeast District boys hoops selections

The Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association released its 2018-19 all-Southeast District boys basketball lists early Friday morning.

CHILLICOTHE — The Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association released its 2018-19 all-Southeast District boys basketball lists early Friday morning and Wheelersburg’s Tanner Holden, Logan’s Bo Myers, Sheridan’s Ethan Heller and Dawson-Bryant’s Aaron Music led the way.

Holden was named the Division III Southeast District Player of the Year as his Pirates get set to take on Alexander, Saturday in a Division III district final. The senior churned out two 50-point outings while ending the regular season averaging 27 points per game. Wheelersburg is undefeated at 24-0.

Meanwhile, in Division I, Myers was named the Player of the Year while Heller and Music took the honor in Divisions II and IV, respectively.

Two familiar names were among the top of the Division II and III lists in Zane Trace’s Cam Evans and Huntington’s Elijah McCloskey. Both were first-team selections as Evans ended the regular season with an average of 25.2 points per game while McCloskey scored 19.3.

Here are the full versions of each all-Southeast District team — Divisions I, II, III and IV — with athletes and coaches from the Frontier Athletic Conference, Scioto Valley Conference, Southern Ohio Conference and Southern Hills Athletic Conference highlighted in bold:



First Team 

Bo Myers, Logan, 6-5, Sr., 27.4; Jayvon Maughmer, Chillicothe, 6-5, Jr., 15.0 

Player of the Year: Bo Myers, Logan 

Coach of the Year: Chris Rider, Logan 

Second Team 

Caleb Bell, Logan, 6-1, Sr., 9.4; Brandon Noel, Chillicothe, 6-7, Jr., 16.0 

Special Mention 

Coby Bell, Logan; Layton Cassady, Logan; Tre Beard, Chillicothe 


First Team 

Cam Evans, Chillicothe Zane Trace, 6-0, Jr., 25.2; Evan Conley, Lancaster Fairfield Union, 6-0, Sr., 18.2; Elijah Williams, Athens, 5-9, Sr., 8.0; Seth Dennis, Vincent Warren, 6-2, So., 13.9; Devin Carter, Greenfield McClain, 6-3, Sr., 16.8; Ethan Heller, Thornville Sheridan, 6-1, Sr., 21.5; Gavin Arbaugh, McArthur Vinton County, 6-0, Jr., 17.0; Cooper Donaldson, Jackson, 6-3, Sr., 17.6 

Zane Trace’s Cam Evans is a Division II first-team all-district selection after scoring 25.2 points per game.
CREDIT: Mikala Peters/SOSA

Player of the Year: Ethan Heller, Thornville Sheridan 

Co-Coaches of the Year: Joe B. Stewart, Greenfield McClain; Connor Scott, Wash. C.H. Washington 

Second Team 

Cory Call, Gallipolis Gallia Academy, 6-2, Sr., 12.9; Jordan Lambert, Bidwell River Valley, 6-5, So., 15.1; Evan Upthegrove, Wash. C.H. Washington, 6-0, Sr., 12.6; Isaac Ward, Circleville Logan Elm, 5-8, So., 14.8; Riley Gibson, Circleville, 5-10, So., 16.7; Noah Nichols, Vincent Warren, 6-0, Sr., 14.7; Cobe Marquez, Waverly, 5-10, Sr., 12.0; Ethan Watson, Hillsboro, 6-1, Sr., 15.0; Grant Heileman, Thornville Sheridan, 6-7, Sr., 13.5; Caleb Wallis, Jackson, 5-7, Jr., 14.5 

Third Team 

Justin McClelland, Gallipolis Gallia Academy, 6-2, Sr., 11.0; Nick Nesser, Chillicothe Zane Trace, 6-6, Jr., 12.2; Isaac Little, Chillicothe Unioto, 5-10, So., 13.5; Houston Harrah, Lancaster Fairfield Union, 6-5, Jr., 11.6; Blaise Tayese, Wash. C.H. Washington, 6-2, Sr., 8.9; Jason Sailor, Circleville Logan Elm, 5-10, So., 10.5; Justin Hynes, Athens, 6-3, Sr., 8.8; Clay Miller, Vincent Warren, 6-4, Sr., 11.5; Austin Witucky, Marietta, 6-1, Sr., 11.0; Cody Remington, Waverly, 5-10, Sr., 11.0; Dalton Mischal, Greenfield McClain, 6-3, Jr., 12.6; Logyn Ratliff, New Lexington, 6-1, So., 13.3; 

Special Mention 

Caleb Henry, Gallipolis Gallia Academy; Colby Swain, Chillicothe Zane Trace; Triton Davidson, Chillicothe Zane Trace; Cameron DeBord, Chillicothe Unioto; Chase Poston, Lancaster Fairfield Union; Kyler Conn, Wash. C.H. Miami Trace; Jay Wyman, Williamsport Westfall; Logan Maxfield, Athens; Derek Duckworth, Marietta; Trey Robertson, Waverly; Ethan Cockerill, Greenfield McClain; Luken Hill, Thornville Sheridan; Eli Griffith, McArthur Vinton County; Treylan Davis, Jackson 


First Team 

Weston Baer, Pomeroy Meigs, 6-2, Jr., 19.8; Elijah McCloskey, Chillicothe Huntington, 6-0, Sr., 19.3; Charlie Large, Ironton, 6-0, Sr., 19.5; J.K. Kearns, Albany Alexander, 5-10, Jr., 12.0; Tanner Holden, Wheelersburg, 6-6, Sr., 27.0; Lane Brewster, Latham Western, 6-0, Sr., 20.0; Michael Miller, Beaver Eastern, 6-6, Sr., 15.8; Alex Blanton, Piketon, 6-0, Sr., 18.9; Mason Darby, Oak Hill, 6-4, Sr., 16.0 

Player of the Year: Tanner Holden, Wheelersburg 

Co-Coaches of the Year: Nathan Speed, Proctorville Fairland; Steven Ater, Wheelersburg 

Adena’s Zach Fout has led the Warriors to 18 wins and a district final while scoring 15.3 points per game.
CREDIT: Photos by Jenny Campbell

Second Team 

Zach Fout, Frankfort Adena, 6-3, Sr., 15.3; Ethan Wilson, Ironton, 6-2, Sr., 12.7; Austin Webb, South Point, 6-2, So., 14.3; Eli Archer, Chesapeake, 6-4, So., 15.4; Matt Mondlak, Proctorville Fairland, 6-2, Sr., 9.2; Clayton Thomas, Proctorville Fairland, 5-9, So., 10.1; Matthew Fraulini, Portsmouth, 6-2, Jr., 16.3; J.J. Truitt, Wheelersburg, 6-3, So., 13.0; Evan Leist, Beaver Eastern, 5-9, Sr., 12.5; Marcus Hamilton, Sardinia Eastern Brown, 5-10, Sr., 11.0; Elijah Young, Seaman North Adams, 5-11, Sr., 13.3Bowan Tomlin, West Union, 6-1, Sr., 16.0; Chase Hammond, Oak Hill, 6-4, Jr., 20.0 

Third Team 

Logan Bennett, Frankfort Adena, 6-4, So., 13.2; Bryce Newland, Bainbridge Paint Valley, 6-4, Jr., 14.8; Lane Ruby, Chillicothe Southeastern, 5-9, Jr., 12.7; Reid Carrico, Ironton, 6-4, So., 11.5; Kadin France, Ironton Rock Hill, 6-4, Sr., 10.9; Aiden Porter, Proctorville Fairland, 5-10, Fr., 11.0; Chance Gunther, South Point, 5-10, Jr., 15.8; Jerimiah Stitt, Belpre, 6-7, Sr., 14.0; Caleb Terry, Albany Alexander, 6-10, Jr., 10.0; Mikey Seel, Nelsonville-York, 6-1, Jr., 8.9; Tanner Cunningham, Lucasville Valley, 6-0, Sr., 12.4; Cameron Dalton, Minford, 6-4, Sr., 13.4; Connor Mullins, Wheelersburg, 6-1, Sr., 10.0; Colton Vaughn, Sardinia Eastern Brown, 6-2, So., 11.0; Austin McCormick, Seaman North Adams, 6-4, Jr., 12.1; Raymond Connor, Lynchburg-Clay, 6-4, Jr., 17.0; Brock White, Crooksville, 6-3, Sr., 17.2 

Special Mention 

Coulter Cleland, Pomeroy Meigs; Zach Bartrum, Pomeroy Meigs; Jarrett Garrison, Frankfort Adena; Seth Beeler, Chillicothe Huntington; Logan Hankins, Ironton Rock Hill; Connor Baker, Belpre; Dylan Mecum, Albany Alexander; Ethan Bohyer, Nelsonville-York; Andrew Shope, Lucasville Valley; Kelton Kelley, Minford; Jesse Johnson, W. Ports. Portsmouth West; Dylan Bradford, W. Ports. Portsmouth West; Broc Jordan, Latham Western; Cody Weaver, Beaver Eastern; Scott Lightle, Piketon; Titus Burns, Sardinia Eastern Brown; Jayden Hesler, Seaman North Adams; Zane Kingsolver, West Union; Drew Hanning, Oak Hill; Rylan Molihan, Wellston 


First Team 

Aaron Musick, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant, 6-3, Sr., 17.0; Jack Leith, Willow Wood Symmes Valley, 6-3, Jr., 19.0; Russ Young, Waterford, 6-3, Sr., 13.9; Brayden Weber, Glouster Trimble, 6-0, Jr., 17.2; Gage Sampson, Franklin Furnace Green, 6-2, Jr., 19.0; Kyle Sexton, New Boston Glenwood, 6-5, So., 20.4; Shiloah Blevins, South Webster, 6-5, Sr., 19.0; Weston Browning, Peebles, 5-9, Jr., 16.4 

Player of the Year: Aaron Musick, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant 

Coach of the Year: Howie Caldwell, Glouster Trimble 

Green’s Gage Sampson is a Division IV first-team all-district player after averaging 19 points per game.
CREDIT: Derrick Webb/SOSA

Second Team 

Cory Borders, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant, 5-10, Jr., 12.5; Zach Roach, Ironton St. Joseph, 5-9, Jr., 18.2; Braxton Hardy, Crown City South Gallia, 6-3, Sr., 15.8; Garrett Barringer, Reedsville Eastern, 6-5, Jr., 15.0; Blake Guffey, Glouster Trimble, 6-0, Fr., 12.2; Colby Bartley, Corning Miller, 5-9, Jr., 22.7; Tanner Kimbler, Franklin Furnace Green, 5-10, Sr., 20.0; Will Shope, Sciotovillle East, 6-0, Sr., 17.1; Sam Buddelmeyer, Leesburg Fairfield, 6-2, Sr., 16.9; Hunter Ruckel, Mowrystown Whiteoak, 6-0, Jr., 14.7 

Third Team 

Luke Leith, Willow Wood Symmes Valley, 6-2, So., 12.7; J.C. Damron, Ironton St. Joseph, 6-2, So., 11.9; Weston Thorla, Racine Southern, 6-2, Sr., 9.3; Jensen Anderson, Racine Southern, 5-9, Sr., 13.0; Peyten Stephens, Waterford, 6-3, Sr., 9.0; Jeremiah Brown, Glouster Trimble, 6-0, Jr., 10.6; Hunter Smith, Stewart Federal Hocking, 5-10, So., 12.7; Tyler Caldwell, New Boston Glenwood, 6-7, Sr., 18.7; Braden Bockway, South Webster, 6-4, Jr., 16.0; Wyatt Willey, Leesburg Fairfield, 6-0, Jr., 14.1; Zach Rand, Mowrystown Whiteoak, 5-8, Sr., 12.3; Kyle Lightner, Peebles, 6-2, Jr., 5.0 

Special Mention 

Jaylen McKenzie, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant; Drew Scherer, Willow Wood Symmes Valley; Isaac Whaley, Ironton St. Joseph; Nick Hicks, Crown City South Gallia; C.J. Mayse, Crown City South Gallia; Austin Baker, Racine Southern; Brayden Cunningham, Racine Southern; Isaiah Fish, Reedsville Eastern; Blaise Facemyer, Reedsville Eastern; Holden Dailey, Waterford; Cameron Kittle, Glouster Trimble; Tayte Carver, Franklin Furnace Green; Grady Jackson, New Boston Glenwood; Hunter Mathias, Portsmouth Clay; Reece Whitley, Portsmouth Clay; Ben Mader, Portsmouth Notre Dame; Tanner Voiers, South Webster; Bryson Simmons, Leesburg Fairfield; Oakley Burba, Peebles 

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