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Q&A: Lynchburg-Clay’s Peyton Scott discusses teammates, Miami (OH) and advice she’d give to younger players

Lynchburg-Clay senior and Miami (OH) commit Peyton Scott discusses her relationship with her teammates, advice she'd give to younger players and much more.

LYNCHBURG — Put simply, Peyton Scott “gets it.”

There are multiple reasons why Lynchburg-Clay’s star combo guard will be playing at the NCAA Division I level next season, and they don’t all revolve around her on-court talent.

Scott, who holds Lynchburg-Clay’s all-time scoring record, is a talented athlete who has carried the Mustangs to a Division III district final appearance this season. Her ability to get to the rim is unrivaled, she can pull up from anywhere and score, and when it’s late in the game, she’ll have the ball in her hands daring defenders to stop her.

But mentally, she’s light years ahead of where most high school athletes are. Combine that with her obvious physical gifts and you can see why southern Ohio is watching one of the best the region has ever seen.

Always up for a conversation about basketball or just life in general, I had the chance to catch up with Scott and discuss her relationship with her teammates, why she chose Miami (OH), her off-the-court personality and much, much more. Take a look.

Question: You seem to have a love for your teammates. Can you talk about your relationship with them?

Scott is the Mustangs’ all-time leading scorer, boy or girl.
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Scott: My relationship with my teammates is way beyond basketball. We’re always having a good time at practices and before games, trying to lighten the mood and not take things so seriously all the time. It’s important for me that my team knows i have their back no matter the situation. That forms a trusting bond that allows us to click better while playing and knowing that if i don’t do my job, I’ll let them down, which helps me create a mindset that I never want to do that. So having such close relationships with them makes, not only me a better player, but us a better team.

Q: You’ve got an array of moves you can use offensively to get to the bucket. What do you feel like your best trait is on the offensive side?

PS: I love being referred to as a combo guard because I really take pride in my abilities to be able to do an abundance of things on the offensive side. From driving and finishing, to mid-range pull-ups, to 3’s, I’m always looking to add to my game. There are so many different ways to score and to be a prolific scorer, you have to be able to continue to add to and adapt your game. However, if I had to pick my best trait on the offensive side, I would have to say my ability to finish around the rim. Having the focus and strength to draw the contact and still give the ball a chance to go in is something I’ve always heavily worked on.

Q: Your career has been well-profiled and highly reported on. What’s one thing that basketball fans don’t know about Peyton Scott?

PS: One thing basketball fans might not know about me is how easygoing I am off the court. On the court, I’m extremely competitive and very passionate about what I’m doing. But off the court, I’m pretty laid back and easygoing. I have a very outgoing and optimistic mindset in my natural settings. I love to laugh and make jokes. Overall I’m a pretty happy person when it comes to my day-to-day personality.

Q: How far do you think this team can go this year?

PS: I think our team has the potential to lock in and make a deep run in the tournament. I believe in our team and i know what we’re capable of. However, being a senior, I know every team is fighting for their last breath, every senior could be playing their last game and are willing to give all they have to each. Any given night, any team is capable of winning. I believe we’ve already exceeded what some believed we could do. So I say why not keeping proving them wrong?

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Q: Next season, at this time, you’ll be playing at Miami (OH). Why’d you pick to go there and what are you excited about most?

PS: Miami felt like a home away from home as soon as i stepped on campus. It is a beautiful campus with a bounty of opportunities for me, both athletically and academically. Wanting to major in business and Miami having one of the best business schools in the country, it was an easy choice from that perspective. From a basketball perspective, the staff felt like family to me from our first conversations to our first time meeting in person. They’re always welcoming and supportive, checking in on me and my family weekly. It meant a lot to me to see that they were caring towards their players.

Q: Looking back at your career, do you have a game that sticks out to you or one that’s most memorable?

PS: I would have to say my most memorable game would be a game I played this season against West Union when I set the record for all-time scoring [on the girls side] and most points in a single game [on the girls side]. It was one of those nights you feel like any time you shoot the ball it’s going in. I remember being at the free throw line, about to overtake my coach’s record, and her saying to me “Don’t miss,” with a grin on her face. Having the relationship we do and being able to share that moment with her was genuinely special for me.

Q: For any little girl looking to be like you, what’s one piece of advice you’d give them?

PS: Dream big, set your goals high, always put in the extra work and never settle for average. I was in your shoes once and I know what it was like to have role models and people to look up to. But what I didn’t know at the time was what it would take to be like them. Now I do. Now i know how much extra time, effort and work it takes to leave your mark on a program. If you’re willing to do those things, it’ll pay off in the end.

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