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Derrick Webb

Derrick Webb

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Q&A: Lynchburg-Clay’s Raelynn Ruble details expectations, Elite 8 run

Lynchburg-Clay's Raelynn Ruble will try and help the Mustangs get back to the Elite 8, and further, this coming fall.

Derrick Webb, Staff Writer

LYNCHBURG — When the ball is at Raelynn Ruble’s feet, good things tend to happen.

Lynchburg-Clay’s Raelynn Ruble tallied 14 goals and 15 assists last fall while her Mustangs went 16-5 and reached an Elite 8.
CREDIT: Brock Netter/SOSA

The Mustangs’ midfield speedster consistently displayed her balanced skillset last year, tallying 14 goals and 15 assists while leading her team to a 16-5 mark.

Those numbers, alongside a stable of talent around her, helped Lynchburg-Clay reach an Elite 8 before falling to Columbus Academy by a 1-0 final. That loss is still savoring their taste buds.

We caught up with Ruble to discuss what she’s been fine-tuning, how excited she is to start the season and how her team can get back to the Elite 8 and over the hump.

Question: First things first, how stoked are you to get back on the field?

Ruble: Very excited. So hyped for the season to start. 

Q: What’s the main thing you’re looking forward to this fall?

RR: Mostly just focusing on playing hard as a team, and aiming for a longer run in the state tournament. 

Q: Judging by last year’s finish, your team has high goals this coming season. Can you discuss those goals and how you plan on reaching them?

RR: Last year was definitely a good run for us and we plan on doing the same thing, just better. It’s mostly getting our movement and passing down. Taking it one step at a time. Keeping our

eyes on the jobs in front of us.

Q: Individually, what part of your skillset have you worked on the most during the off-season?

RR: I’ve been working on my touches and getting into shape. That’s been the main goal in the offseason.

Q: You guys seem to know where each other is going to be without asking. What makes your team’s chemistry pump?

RR: A lot of us have been playing together since we were little, which makes things easier. And playing with fun and outgoing [teammates] makes us a better team.

Q: How far can this year’s team go and why?

RR: Our team this year has a lot of potential, and we are hyped to get the season started. We hope to be back to where we were last year.

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